my wife made me a christmas present .. EVEsterdam 2018
the only problem: there was no EVEsterdam in 2018 but a EVEsterdam in spring 2019
first stop of the Invasion World Tour 2019

we didnt know what to expect .. are there 40 or 400 people there
but we had flight, hotel and tickets
2 guys from our corporation joined us so we were a total of 4 AKIMA members at the event

short befor the event CCP announced there will be a Invasion Tournament
the winner will got to the World Finals to Fanfest 2020 in iceland
well i didnt expect to win but i was looking for someone to join the tournament for fun
my CEO agreed .. we won 2 rounds but then the streak ended

short befor the event CCP Guard told the community that it ill be the last event for him
he was everywhere and he was talking to everyone .. some have met him befor .. some like us for the first time

as i mentioned befor .. we didnt knew what to expect
friday evenning we were at the unofficial startup and met CCP Burger
saturday early morning at the entrance to the venue
more the 400 EVE fans met in Amsterdam
presentation, talks, Q&A .. and beer in the evenning
even a friendship cruise at sunday evenning
that was not known befor the event so several guys left amsterdam befor including my CEO

all in all it was great event .. thanks to everyone and especially to my wife