Covid Rules for EViEnna

Für EViEnna sind die derzeitig gültigen Bundesweiten Corona Regeln für Gastronomie einzuhalten – sprich ein 3G Nachweis ist verpflichtend und wird auch beim Eingang kontrolliert. Eine Registrierung ist ebenso notwendig.
Das Lokal liegt nicht im Wiener Stadtgebiet.
Achtung für alle die in Wien direkt unterwegs sind – hier gelten andere, strengere Regelungen zb FFP2 Maskenpflicht für alle in Öffis und im Handel, kürzere Testgültigkeit, … Bei Fragen bitte einfach melden

For EViEnna the current valid Corona Regulations have to be considered. A valid 3G (green pass,: vaccinated, tested or recovered ) certificate is necessary and will be checked at the entrance. A Registration is also necessary.
The restaurant is not located in Vienna.
If you visit Vienna please be aware, that other more strict regulations are in place- FFP2 masks are needed in public transport and all shops, the tests do have a shorter validity,…

If you need more info please dont hesitate to contact us on Discord.

EViEnna 2021 – Saturday October 2nd

Vienna – Austria – Europe
with the ongoing vaccinations and reducement of travel restrictions we would like to make this meeting as much offline as possible! For sure we will give you an opportunity to join online too!
„Ticktes“ are availabe – they are for free, it is just a way to keep track how many people will attend – please write an Mail to: &
please include your ingame name, corp and allianze name if you want an EViEnna 2021
T-Shirt – they are 25 EUR inkl shipping – please state in your Mail together with your ingame name, corp and alliance name and your T-shirt size
Womens Shirts will be V-neck – please let me know if you want/need a female cut shirt Ticketoffice is open until September 2nd

package for CCP

a little thank you package for CCP

on Twitter

a few Pics ..

Online Event

Due to the fact that there are still a lot of travel restrictions around europe, we decided to change EViEnna 2020 to an online event. We shortend the duration to saturday afternoon/evening with an open end! Discord will be the platform – see link above.

We are very sad that our plans do not work out, but as we can’t change the current situation we are going to make the best out of it.

Hope to see u soon! o7

EVE London – the event

we had a good time at EVE London
started with the pub crawl on friday evenning
since we were n the plane at 6:40am for us it was more a „we saw one pub only“
we met our 1st round tournament opponents there and had a drink
both declaring  the other will win the round

on saturday we were early at the „Indigo at The O2“
lucky as we are ,  we ran into some CCP guys on their way to lunch
we joined CCP Burger, CCP Dopamine and CCP Convict

the tournament turned out really funny
Hema was the eyecatcher of the day and gut some offers to join other corporations
we made it into the 2nd round but „Dead Terrorists“ turned out better and they made it to the finale
all in all it was great fun to shock long time players with something unexpected

after all this stress we enjoyed the presentations and had some drinks
the party was great but the music turned out to loud to talk
so we took the chance to go out and met Jin’taan in front of the venue

all in all a great event – thanks to all